Providing applications that save your staff time and you money

Black Stump Software are a small flexible company that deliver applications that can save your staff valuable time. Whether its Sales Reps on the road, Drivers doing deliveries or staff in the office backing up the front line we deliver custom built solutions for every business. Don't change your business to fit your software, let the application allow your staff to do the job they do, easily and quickly.



Delivery Driver allows your driver to easily check off invoices. POD's are digitally archived and adjustments and credits are done on the spot. Photo evidence and searchable POD's make tracking credits a breeze. Allow your sales team to know where your deliveries are at without having to bother a warehouse.


Sales Rep is a flexible ordering app, designed by Sales Reps to allow them to do ordering quickly and easily and get those orders back into a warehouse instantly, whether for freight or truck. Manage runs and customer stock lists easily and quickly, build up cheat sheets on customers and map out the best way to do your run. Built to seamlessly interface with MYOB, Attache and Xero.


Sales Rep and Delivery Driver are backed by backend web apps to help you easily manage large runs or delivery schedules. We also build web apps for large customers to make it even easier, no sales rep needed!